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Project financing. West Balkan.

We have had the extraordinary honor to spend last Wednesday with our UK business partners. First with the members of the board of directors of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in London, especially the chairman, Mr. David Landsman, the deputy chairman, Mr. Peter Orlic, the executive director, Ms. Jadranka Dervisevic, the finance director, Mr. Igor Orlic.

It is a great honor for us to once again go through with Mr. David Landsman as chairman and board member of this important and influential chamber, all that we have done together in 2019, and to focus on the goals ahead for 2020, as a year in which we expect much good and important for the development of mutual economic activities between the two economies, especially in the aspect of increasing mutual economic exchange and increasing the volume of cash flows between the two countries (loans and investments for enterprises).

We aim to support a large number of companies (exports from the Republic of Serbia) in 2020 that will be able to successfully continue to reach new and larger projects through foreign investments (foreign direct investment) through their projects in the Western Balkans (imports to the Republic of Serbia). targets set for 2020.

We were also greeted on this occasion by the Ambassador of Her Royal Highness, the United Kingdom in the Republic of Serbia, (Ambassador of Britain) Her Excellency Sian MacLeod.

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