Thursday, October 3, was another very important day for the Law Office Belgrade, Law Office Montenegro, NM Advokati Regional.

Lawyer Montenegro (Lawyer Herceg Novi), within the Law Office NM Advokati Regional, headed by lawyer Nemanja Milošević, actively spent their working day in the town of Kotor and the town of Herceg Novi in ​​the Republic of Montenegro.

The first part of the working day was spent in representation before the basic court of the Republic of Montenegro in Kotor, then in representation before the court in Herceg Novi, and then in business premises in the town of Herceg Novi.

Several lawyer-related and legal topics and activities were successfully performed on this occasion. First of all, the family law attorney Herceg Novi, family law attorney Belgrade and family law attorney Montenegro have successfully concluded parental rights agreements in the Republic of Montenegro.

Property lawyer Montenegro, property lawyer Belgrade, property lawyer Herceg Novi, within the most significant regional law office NM Advokati Regional, have successfully completed the cases which were resolved by reaching an agreement between our clients who are national and international companies, to which agreements were of great importance for continuation of their operations in accordance with the best interests of their business in the Republic of Montenegro.

Contract preparation lawyer, contract lawyer Belgrade, inheritance lawyer Belgrade, inheritance lawyer Podgorica, inheritance lawyer Montenegro, from NM Advokati Regional which today is the leading law office in the region of Southeast Europe, to our great satisfaction, concluded businesses with our clients from Montenegro. The total amount of basic transactions that day exceeded several tens of thousands of euros. Also, we have reached agreements regarding further procedures with the competent authorities and clients in Montenegro.

NM Advokati are guided by the latest worldwide standards and conduct their activities in accordance with the latest rules of the world business.