During a state of emergency, there are a number of issues that arise among employees: termination of employment contract,  dismissal of an employer, dismissal by a company which are crucial for employees and their jobs. Employees are in a situation to take care of their labor rights as well as their work duties in accordance with the law. In situations such as the right to remuneration in the event of termination and impairment of work with the employer.

According to the Labor Law, an employee has the right to receive remuneration in accordance with the contract concluded with the employer. The definition of the labor law states that during a work stoppage, the reduction in the amount of work done by an employer without fault of the employee must be paid at least 60% of the average wage and may not be less than the minimum wage.

The termination of work interruption or reduced workload may not exceed 45 (forty-five) working days within one year. Of course, it is necessary that the Decision on termination of work or reduced volume of work is made by the employer.

The employer makes a decision that is handed over to the employee.

During this time, all employees of that employer are entitled to 60% of their average salary over the previous 12 months. A longer termination of work a reduction in the volume of work, can be obtained by the employer only with the consent of the Minister.

In this case, when the employer sends the employee leave for more than 45 working days, the employee is entitled to 60% of the wage compensation. Employee rights, rights of workers in the situation that the employer has to terminate work due to a decision of a state body. In this case, the employee has the right to receive compensation. It is important to note that he is still employed and has his rights as an insured person. Payment of compensation is determined by a general act with the employer and an employment contract that the employee has.

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