What is intellectual property?

The law offices NM Advokati and NM Advokati Regional deal provide protection of your intellectual property in the most successful way.

The question asked above is perhaps the most common question that can be heard from a large number of people who are interested in this topic and who do not have extensive experience working in a law firm.

That is why we have a large number of solutions for you.

Intellectual property, as one of the purest and most natural products of the human spirit and the human mind, is, fully deserved, protected by law. We, at NM Advokati, have the special honor and pleasure of protecting the most precious “object” from human nature itself, which has been recognized by positive law as eligible for protection.

It’s a big deal to have such a vast experience in the area of copyright protection (copyright, copyright protection), copyright related rights, and industrial property rights.

In this way, we round up large legal systems (law practice, court practice, case law) that provide an important link between science (scientific activity) and practice (legal practice), thus protecting the applicants’ substantive and all other rights through NM Advokati.

The impact of the institutional resolution of issues of intellectual property rights protection issues (institutions of the Republic of Serbia, institutions of the Republic) on the activities of all stakeholders is immeasurable when one takes into account the degree and amount of protection offered to clients.

The creation and maintenance of legal protection in this area today is one of the leading issues of accelerated economic, industrial, scientific and technical development in the world.

Due to all of the above, our lawyer team will be happy to host you and provide you with special benefits in this field.